jPList – jQuery Plugin for Sorting, Pagination and Filtering

March 6, 2019
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jPList is a flexible jQuery plugin for sorting, pagination and filtering of any HTML structure (DIVs, UL/LI, tables, etc).


  • Works with any content (tables, lists, div elements etc…)
  • Ascending and descending sorting
  • Alphanumeric and numeric sorting
  • Sorting by date and time
  • Auto pagination
  • Any number of textbox filters
  • Any number of drop down filters
  • Checkbox and radio button filters
  • Data sources: PHP + MySQL, ASP.NET + Sql Server, PHP + SQLite
  • Supports local storage and cookies
  • Grid/list view demo page
  • Fully customizable styles
  • Works in all major browsers
  • SEO friendly
  • Annotated source code
Demo Download

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